Shannon Nickinson

Shannon Nickinson

I'm a Gen-X mother of two girls and wife to an awesome tech nerd husband. I can quote "The Princess Bride" at will. I am a daughter of Steeler Nation who remembers "One For the Thumb in '81!", a Yankee who moved to the Gulf Coast for a job and stayed for love.

I am a graduate of Northwestern University from the time when our football was woeful and the wind chill froze the tears in your eyes. I spent five years in West Virginia, learning to love that rugged country and her denizens, despite their "Lord, I'll never make it out of this world alive!" outlook on everything except Marshall football.

I was a journalist for 19 beautiful years who loved comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.

I am a writer, wife, mom, music lover, movie snob, food and wine aficionado.

I believe in the better angels of our nature. I believe in government conducted in the sunshine. I believe that it is sometimes necessary to protect democracy from those who would practice it.