Something smells a little fishy in downtown Pensacola

I don't normally give in to the downtown conspiracy theories, but ...

From Rob Johnson and T.S. Strickland's "A fish hatchery primer" that appeared online but apparently not in print. 

There are two players in the hatchery plans who don’t show up in state records or funding proposals: the Fiorentino Group, a Jacksonville-based lobbying firm, and the international engineering firm HDR Engineering, based in Omaha, Neb., which also maintains a Pensacola office.

HDR has a fisheries science division, with a portfolio encompassing 33 states and Canada. Among other things, the company designs and constructs fish hatcheries — including three projects in Florida

Both companies have had a Tallahassee link since the hatchery idea began gaining momentum in 2011: Colleen Castille, hired by Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward last year as city administrator.

Castille, a lobbyist at Fiorentino before joining Hayward’s administration, worked at times in 2012 for two of the firm’s clients: HDR and the City of Pensascola. For both, she confirmed in a News Journal interview, her efforts involved the hatchery’s future.

However, Castille said, “There’s no conflict of interest.”

Oh, well. In that case, by all means. Fish on.

This fish hatchery thing is just bad news.