New toys to play with ...


It’s been a bit of a nerdy weekend. Started out Friday when my HP Media Vault mv2120 arrived.

Being that the the only thing I hate more than coding is networking, I’d prepared a six-pack to get me through the setup process. But much to my surprise, setup was pretty easy, requiring only of couple of cold ones.

I now have 500 gigabytes of networked backup space, which also will be used to house our media for the laptops. (Yeah, still waiting to get Shannon’s MSI Wind.)

And then …

Today, I finally broke down and bought an Xbox 360. Only $299 for the 20-gig version, plus I got a $25 Target card with it. So, $275.


Of course, another $100 for the wireless adapter, another $20 for the remote, $60 for Halo 3, $10 for an optical audio cable - and another few beers while I figured out how to connect this bad boy - and the whole $299 thing kinda went out the window. But the music’s being fed into the living room, so all’s good.

And for good measure …

The view from my Treo 750 while it’s in its dock.