Pensacola can get the big things right

Sometimes I think Pensacola might fear success more than it anticipates failure.

And that's saying something.

Folks around here are always talking about the big ones that got away or the good things that we had that died on the vine. If only we'd been able to keep the Lexington.

If only we hadn't let Springfest wither away. If only term limits hadn't pushed the Banty Rooster out of Tallahassee and back into local politics, leading to those days when four of our five county commissioners were indicted for violating the state open meetings laws.

If only the Pensacola Technology Campus housed an actual technology company instead of, well, nothing.

But we can get the big things right when we decide to focus all of our political, civic and social will on something, we git 'er done.

Episode 3 of "Progress+Promise" highlights three big ideas Pensacola got right. Watch here and see if you agree. Or visit our YouTube channel at